Kiipeilyurheilijat is Finland’s biggest climbing club with over 1300 members. Founded in 2010, the club offers climbing related activities to climbers of all ages. We are located in Helsinki area, and our home gym is Kiipeilyareena in Salmisaari Sports center, near Ruoholahti, Helsinki (address Energiakatu 3, Helsinki).  We are a member of the Finnish Climbing Association FCA (SKIL).

We are a non-profit sports club, that organizes climbing training for children, as a hobby as well as competitive sports training. For adults (as well as children), we offer climbing courses and training, organize competitions (both informal and formal), climbing trips and other events unrelated to sports, like a bi-annual brunch and a pre-christmas party.

Anyone interested in climbing can join our club. Here are our club regulations (only in Finnish at the moment)

Our members can log in to our member register through this link.