Member Benefits

Anyone interested in climbing and who abides by the rules of our club, is welcomed to join as our member.

The membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Climbing courses, training, trips and other events at affordable prices
  • 30 entries to Kiipeilyareena for a great value price (Only for club members and students)
  • No price hike on year card even when paying in 4 parts (620€ Vs. 704€)
  • 10% discount of normal priced climbing products in Kiipeilyareena Shop
  • 10% discount of normal priced climbing products in Camu, an outdoor and climbing shop in Helsinki city centre
  • 10 % discount from outdoor shop
  • 12 % discount from web shop AddNature. Few labels excluded. Info in the welcome-email.
  • Bi-annual climbing magazine ”Kiipeily”, produced by the Finnish Climbing Association. The magazine is only in Finnish.
  • A climbing insurance offered by the Finnish Climbing Association and provided by Pohjola Vakuutus, for Finland and trips abroad – valid in climbing sports up to 4000 meters, in competitions, practice and trips related to these. Terms of Insurance are at the moment in Finnish only, but you can contact the insuror for more information in English.
  • Youth climbing training

Although most of  course and event descriptions are in Finnish only, our events are accessible to English speakers as well. Most course instructors are able to teach in English as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you would like us to increase our visibility in English language, and also if you would like to have a specific course given in English. We do our best to accommodate our members’ requests.

Membership is bought for a calendar year. In 2019, membership rates are as follows:

  • Adults 83 €
  • Children (ages between 1-17) 71 €
  • Light membership for adults 30 €.

Light members are only our club members and do not become members of Finnish Climbing Association. This means that they can participate in our clubs activities and receive these benefits all benefits above except for insurance, right to compete in national competitions, Kiipeily magazine (in Finnish).